Meet the Candidates: On-Campus Representatives

On Wednesday the student body will vote in members for the fifth assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Association. Today we will be publishing guides about each of the positions and the candidates running for them.

All candidates listed in the Penn State Directory were contacted and asked for the same information. Candidates had the choice of answering one of two questions for the short-answer section. The first was ‘Do you believe that UPUA has headed in the right direction during President Keirans’ term?’ and the second was ‘Please explain an idea or policy you have for improving UPUA.’

There are seven ‘Off-Campus Representative’ positions open to full-time undergraduate students who attend University Park and live off-campus. This year, only seven students are running.

Adam Boyer (No endorsement)
Sophomore, History

I think UPUA grew as an organization during Gavin Keirans’s terms simply because of the continuity his two terms provided. An interesting dynamic of the presidential campaign will be if students choose two candidates who represent UPUA’s status quo, or if they elect an outsider with a message of reform.

Colleen Cannon (Endorses Ragland-Smith)
Freshman, Division of Undergraduate Studies | Facebook Group
I believe that UPUA has headed in the right direction during President Keirans’ terms. He solidified many important relationships for UPUA and used them to benefit the student body. He helped the student government earn respect from administration and faculty at Penn State and has accomplished many of his initiatives.

Mark Cannon (Endorses Ragland-Smith)
Junior, Finance |
Facebook Group

UPUA has grown considerably since its inception; however, I would like to continue reaching out to PSU students. I believe it is important to work with all students to ensure UPUA properly represents its constituents. As an on-campus representative, I hope to reach out to everyone in the residence halls.

Lienard Chang (No endorsement)
Freshman, Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering |
Website, Facebook Group, and Twitter Account

I would like to fight for student representation in areas such as Housing so that events such as the closing of Simmons Dining Hall has some student input. I also would advocate for UPUA to put out a monthly newsletter to hold student government accountable to students.

Tyler Doppelheuer (Endorses Ragland-Smith)
Freshman, Community, Environment Development and AgriBusiness Management |
Facebook Event

I would like to see improvements in the areas of residence area developments and overall campus developments. UPUA needs stronger and more effective communication in these two areas so that the students benefit even more and so that we don’t have terrible events happening, like the closing of Simmons Dining.

Chirag Panchal
Freshman, Biochemistry |
Facebook Event

If elected as on campus representative, one of my first initiatives would be to create a housing committee. UPUA does not have a housing committee where students can coordinate with Penn State housing in the decisions they make. Students need representation and a voice in any on campus housing decisions made.

Jillian Seifrit (No endorsement)
Freshman, Political Science

One idea I have for improving UPUA is to send out monthly emails to inform students of what UPUA is doing. I think that this could really improve UPUA’s relationship with the student body and help UPUA become better known throughout the campus.

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