UPUA Elections: Where to Vote Today

The lazy and apathetic have no excuse not to vote today. Not only can you vote here, which consists of a incredibly quick ballot that should take no more than two minutes if you have already made up your mind, but you can also vote today in the HUB at the UPUA booth on the first floor until 9pm. After noon, UPUA staff will be spreading out across campus to the commons, where they will also have computers set up for students to vote until 9pm. All you need to do is sign in under your Penn State account and vote. It took me less than a minute on my Blackberry.

But why should you care about the UPUA elections? Why should you waste two minutes out of your not-as-busy-as-you-complain-it-is day? Because the UPUA is the University Park student government, and as such it controls a lot of things that directly affect your academic and social lives here at Penn State. Who started the late-night White Loop extension? The UPUA. Who is organizing this year’s “Last Stop” spring festival? The UPUA. In legal trouble, need legal advice, and/or need an attorney? The UPUA has an office for that. They have a lot more clout on campus than you may know, so you’d betta recognize and get to the polls today. Or your internet-enabled cell phone, or your laptop at home.

[Photo Credit: Tom Kent]

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