The rhythm extravaganza that is STOMP graced Eisenhower Auditorium on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Compared to all the other forms of art I have seen, I must admit that this was the most avant-garde and MOST AWESOME! Using non-conventional instruments, the performers created complex beats and rhythms, and the entire act left the audience slack jawed and wide eyed.

To observe as performers brought forth rhythm out of nothing was a stunning display of, talent. Using newspapers, coughs, and more, the members of the STOMP team created one of the funniest pieces of the evening. They threw everything into their performance, including the kitchen sink. For the most part, however, they appeared to use brooms as they “cleaned” the stage of Eisenhower using stomps, taps, and beats from the brooms (OPP take note!).

The STOMP members also used a call and response with the audience, which solidified that the people on stage did, in fact, have more rhythm than a mostly sold out Eisenhower Auditorium. The fact that the STOMP performers put on such an incredible show while including the audience made this possibly the best act I have seen at Penn State.

Too bad the guy on my right slept through the whole thing.

[Photo Credit: Chase Tralka]

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