This American Life … In Visual Form

It's good to be #1.

Many of you undoubtedly remember This American Life’s feature on Penn State’s status as the nation’s #1 Party School last December. Though many PSU students had mixed feelings about the tone of the piece, most of us will agree that it was a realistic and accurate look at Penn State’s eclectic nightlife.

For those of you who are too visual for the radio, or who just prefer the facts in one place, there is now an infographic complete with all the information from the This American Life episode.

Created by E.J. Fox, whose site exists to provide similar infographics to all This American Life episodes, the image makes for a great reference–if you need to give your consistently sloppy-drunk roommate a not-so-subtle hint, you may also want to consider posting it as their laptop background.

Check out the graphic, and remind yourself of all that being the #1 Party School in the country entails.

Also, props to Cole Camplese for tweeting about the graphic initially.

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