Students Receive University’s Highest Honors

Every year, Penn State  awards students who have managed to achieve the highest levels of academic excellence, leadership, and service to the community at the undergraduate and graduate level. There are 27 outstanding students who have been awarded accolades this year.

More specifics to each award can be found here. Recipients of the Oswald Award are graduating seniors who have excelled in either sports, arts, service, or academics. This award was created in 1983, named after and honoring President John W. Oswald (President from 1970 to 1983). One of the winners this year is P.J. Maierhofer. A lot has been mentioned about P.J’s ability as the Blue Sapphire, but she was also very active in school and a phenomenal student.

Another award mentioned is the Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award. Despite the incredibly wordy name, these awards are giving to students who are candidates for doctorate degrees. Check out the list of the students awarded, there’s a lot of variety in there.

The students will receive their awards on Sunday, April 11 at Eisenhower Auditorium.


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