Follow the White Rabbit….

…..down the rabbit hole, where you will find David Adewumi. He offers you the blue pill and the red pill. You take the blue pill; the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and he shows you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Unfortunately for you, choosing to take the blue pill means you never learn the joy of plugging into a machine and learning Kung Fu.

This is NOT the Matrix (actually, how do we know that?). In this world, Project Blue Pill is an advocacy group and it’s the brainchild of David Adewumi. Project Blue Pill describes itself as the “voice of the students”. It was created to solve the problems issues faced by the Penn State Community and help to implement initiatives provided by other organizations. The problems are the same Adewumi discussed in his campaign, with a few additions. The basic issues they want to deal with regard costs, housing arrangements, safety and post graduation problems.

According to members however, the reason they chose the name is because Penn State represents “The Matrix” or, the fantasy world in which we live. The red pill is for the real world which they believe to be post-graduate life. Therefore, Project Blue Pill aims to solve problems within Penn State, by having the members of the team work outside of the system to improve the system, kind of like Morpheus and Neo. Oh yeah, and they also battled Agents (the administration?).

The mission for Project Blue Pill is simple. It aims to “structure individual task forces of skilled students designed to individually address each issue” and “work with student leaders, faculty, and staff to collectively draft policy and advocate on behalf of the students.”  Project Blue Pill hopes to coordinate with community members, administrators, faculty, staff and legislators in order to reach these goals. Students will also research and draft policies, advocate aforementioned policies with student groups (on and off-campus) and execute their technology-based proposals. Project Blue Pill is to be a hub where student led groups and organizations can voice, launch and mobilize initiatives for the good of the Penn State community. It aims to “shorten the gap between recognition of an issue to the implementation of a solution”.

If you are interested in joining this initiative, you can email [email protected].

Maybe when you do, you will notice the difference between the dream world and the real world. Maybe then you will stop trying to bend the spoon and realize that there is no spoon. Or maybe you will watch the movie again and realize that Neo took the red pill.


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