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Day: April 12, 2010

2009 Senior Class Gift Comes Home

The Pattee Mall between Old Main and Willard Building has been busy with construction over the past few weeks. It's not just some routine maintenance by OPP, as the workers have been busily completing the seating area that makes up an important part of the 2009 Senior Class Gift.

Today, the restored Old Main Bell was put in place at the new site. The next step in the process is for OPP to finish the concrete walkways that surround the seating area. The gift will be dedicated on Friday, April 23rd at 10:15 AM.

In attendance at the ceremony will be President Spanier, Martha Jordan (Volunteer Chair for the Office of Annual Giving), and Avery Peechatka (2009 Senior Class Gift Communications Overall). As part of the event, they will ring the bell and say a few words. At the same ceremony, the completion of the 2005 and 2008 Senior Class Gifts will also be recognized.

Read on for a statement from the Assistant Director of the Penn State Office of Annual Giving.

UPUA Members Respond to Last Week’s Collegian Editorial

On Tuesday, the Daily Collegian Board of Opinion published an editorial that read "UPUA numbers disappointing". In it, the Board blamed general apathy for the voter turnout numbers in last week's University Park Undergraduate Association election.

It went on to say, "...perhaps more discouraging is the complacency that is apparent in some UPUA members. Commissioner for Administration and Enforcement Samantha Miller called the turnout 'phenomenal' and indicative of the 'progress UPUA has made' ...If this year is truly indicative of UPUA's progress, then there is a lot of room for improvement."

Onward State reached out to Samantha Miller and Matthew Smith, UPUA 4th Assembly Chief of Staff, to give them the opportunity to respond to the Collegian's "complacency" comment, as well as discuss the future of UPUA. Ms. Miller's column ran on Friday.

Read Matthew Smith's response after the jump!

Follow the White Rabbit….

.....down the rabbit hole, where you will find David Adewumi. He offers you the blue pill and the red pill. You take the blue pill; the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and he shows you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Unfortunately for you, choosing to take the blue pill means you never learn the joy of plugging into a machine and learning Kung Fu.

This is NOT the Matrix (actually, how do we know that?). In this world, Project Blue Pill is an advocacy group and it's the brainchild of David Adewumi. Project Blue Pill describes itself as the "voice of the students". It was created to solve the problems issues faced by the Penn State Community and help to implement initiatives provided by other organizations. The problems are the same Adewumi discussed in his campaign, with a few additions. The basic issues they want to deal with regard costs, housing arrangements, safety and post graduation problems.

Project Blue Pill's mission is simple: read more about it after the jump.

OS Talks to Drum Major Ian Kenney

Ian Kenney was named the Penn State Blue Band Drum Major for the 2010-2011 School Year on Saturday. Onward State caught up with him over the weekend to learn about how he prepared for his new role and what he is most looking forward to.

Check out the interview after the jump.

Relay For Life Breaks Record!

"Through sleet and snow, Penn State students didn’t stop showing their passion for the cause. Because of that passion, Penn State’s Relay for Life was an incredible success,” said Sponsorship Overall Eric Singer after Saturday’s Relay for Life closing ceremony. Countless laps, 24 hours, an El Nino-esque weekend, and $101,273 later, Penn State’s 2010 Relay for Life did in fact earn the right to be called an "incredible success."

Read on for more details about the event.

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