Penn State’s Strategic Plan and You

Faced with rising costs and shrinking appropriations, Penn State may be undergoing some changes in the near future. Penn State’s 2009-10 through 2013-14 Strategic Plan has begun to be implemented, in particular section 2.4, which outlines the process of consolidating or eliminating redundant and ineffective programs throughout the university.

Provost Rod Erickson met with faculty yesterday to discuss the plan and the process of review that is being put in place. There are five steps to the process:

  1. Programs are identified based on preliminary information.
  2. A small task force evaluates the program.
  3. Feedback is provided to those involved and those in charge of the budget.
  4. A final report is presented.
  5. Resources are reallocated either within the program or elsewhere, depending on where they came from.

The process is still in the early stages of step one, so don’t worry about your classes or college disappearing before next fall comes around. However, this is a serious and difficult step for the university. While the process will do a lot to keep down costs (and tuition), Penn State won’t be the same after.

Do you think this is the right move on the university’s part and why do you think they should keep your major’s program? If you have any suggestions for the university, you can submit them to the Academic Program and Administrative Services Review Core Council here.


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