Movin’ On 2010: The Coolest Spring Music Festival

This year’s Movin’ On was literally the coolest Spring music festival I’ve ever been to, with temperatures hovering around freezing the entire day. Still, hundreds of students braved the cold to attend the show, which I would have to call a success.

Though still not diverse enough for some, this was still the most varied lineup I’ve seen at Movin’ On in the four years I’ve attended. Between Vince P. rapping over Justice tracks, British Phil doing playing their signature “Swamp Troll Rock”, James Kinney proving that you don’t need auto-tune to be a great R&B singer, and the final two acts, Mayday Parade and Less Then Jake, bringing a taste of the Warped Tour to the HUB lawn, I’m sure everyone who went heard at least one act they enjoyed.

Headliner Less Than Jake had an interesting set to say the least. I managed to get caught up in the largest pit I’ve seen at Penn State and, despite blowing an amp head early in the show, they still kept the crowd entertained, trading jokes with the audience, playing their “stoner songs”, and wearing articles of clothing that were thrown onstage. This wasn’t Less Than Jake’s first time at Penn State, and you could tell they were enjoying themselves as much as the students.

If you didn’t manage to make it down this weekend, here’s some pictures of what you missed out on.

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