Jonah Hill and Russell Brand Tell All

Over the past two days, I went to the Get Him to the Greek advanced screening and met with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Here are my thoughts:

Get Him to the Greek was awesome. I laughed my ass off, and I would give it a 4.5/5.

I had the opportunity to interview both Jonah Hill and Russell Brand this morning. I decided to go outside the box from the normal interview questions; instead, I played “would you rather…” with them.

Jonah Hill would rather…
1. Not choose between Michael Cera and Russell Brand. He would like all three of them to hang out together.
2. Live in Philadelphia than Pittsburgh (with no hesitation either…).
3. Have ten kids than zero.
4. Have sex in a submarine than a blimp.
5. Listen to rap music for the rest of his life than country music.
6. Be a panda bear than a porcupine.
7. Have a really nice hotel, but shitty transportation, than really nice transportation and a shitty hotel.
8. Wear glasses all the time than a hat.
9. Listen to a different song every day with no repeats than listen to the same song every day. Though he mentioned that when he likes a song he’ll listen to it nonstop for a few weeks.
10. Have a Vespa than a Segway. He actually already has a peppermint green Vespa!

What’s your favorite film you have worked on?
“It’s a tie between Superbad, Get Him to the Greek, and Cyrus” (to be released July 9, 2010). or The Collegian?
“This is my favorite interview I’ve ever had. Ever.”  Not being competitive or anything, but hell yes.

After interviewing Jonah, he decided it was only appropriate to play “would you rather…” with me.  Included a lot of “would you rather have sex with Michael Cera or Russell Brand” types of questions.  I had a blast.

Russell Brand would rather…
1. Not decide between Jonah Hill and Jason Segel…there’s room for both of them in his bed.
2. Ride an ostrich than an elephant. He’s ridden an elephant before, and thinks that riding an ostrich would be like riding “a mighty cock with a beak.”
3. Wear tighty whities than boxers.
4. Get his eyebrow pierced than his tongue. He needs his tongue to talk and to do “other” things.
5. Live in space than underwater. Though underwater seems pretty serene, he thinks there are extraterrestrials out there that will find him.
6. Have kids but never get married than get married but have no kids. He then made some incest jokes.
7. Have corn rows than shave his head.
8. Be a garbage man at a porn studio. The question was, “Would you rather be a porn star or a garbage man?” He explained he’d rather clean up after the porn stars. Mmm.
9. Have his mother walk in on him having sex than walk in on his mother having sex. He believes that, though she would be disgusted, she’d be proud as to how acrobatic he is in bed.
10. Read women’s minds than be able to see through women’s clothing. He explained, “If you can read her mind, her clothes will come off.”

If you were to create an album, what would you name it?
“I Told You Not to Touch That”

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
“Right here. In the corner of this room. I will slowly creep into the corner.”

But for real?
“Running a post-revolutionary extraterrestrial government.”

Fair enough.

I also documented the meet and greet at the HUB today. There were way too many people, so eventually Jonah and Russell ventured out into the crowd to have pictures taken and sign posters/shoes/shirts/bodies.

I was surprised how smoothly all of the events went over. Thanks, PSU, for voting to get this dynamic duo to State College.

If you had any unique experiences with Russell or Jonah, throw them in the comments.

[Photo Credit: Melanie Versaw]

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