Day: April 22, 2010

Lion Ambassadors Give Tours of Old Main

You probably pass by Old Main at least once a day, but how often do you get to go inside of it? The prominent yet rather mysterious building doesn't generally offer current students a whole lot, being filled with administrative offices.

That changed yesterday afternoon when the Penn State Lion Ambassadors held their annual Old Main Open House. The afternoon was filled with games, trivia, and appearances by the Pennharmonics, the Blue Band Trumpets, Penn State Majorettes, Blue Sapphire PJ Maierhofer, and the Nittany Lion. But the highlight of the afternoon for most attendees was the tour of Old Main.

The tour takes you through various floors of Old Main and ends with a trip up to the Bell Tower, where visitors can experience unparalleled views of campus and downtown State College. Before you get to the bell tower, though, you meet several costumed Ambassadors along the way who talk about what life at Penn State was like back when Old Main was the entirety of campus.

Staff photographer Charlotte Kohl was at the Open House and took the tour. Her pictures are after the jump.

White Out Against Michigan!

Folks, mark the calendars and snag your White Out tees!

Beaver Stadium is back in the prime time. Michigan's Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines will make their way to Happy Valley for some Big Ten football action October 30, which will be the White Out game. The contest, which earned an 8 p.m. starting slot, will be the last time these two rivals meet until 2013-- something I'm sure Michigan fans won't mind!

The last time they visited in 2008, it ended in a 46-17 blowout victory favoring the Nittany Lions. Penn State also walked away from Ann Arbor victorious in 2009. However, this year could be different. Both teams are rebuilding and will rely heavily on their defense. It's too early to say now, but don't expect 46 points on the end of the scoreboard. Do, however, expect a third Penn State victory.

This match-up, which marks the 11th consecutive season with a prime time game at Beaver Stadium, will air on ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC. It will look to top 2005's match up with Ohio State, which attracted 4.435 million U.S. cable households.

The STATEtorialist: Have A Good Hair Day

Any guy out there with hair longer than your average fade knows what it's like to try to maintain a good look on top of our heads. Lucky for us, a lot of the time the messy style just happens without having to do anything, and sometimes we can roll right out of bed and look as model-eque as it gets. Just ask Rob Pattinson (left), whom hasn't washed or styled his hair since the last time his mom spit in her hand and fixed it for church.

But for us guys whose natural mess up top isn't always as appealing as Edward Cullen's, there is a need for some kind of product. We've seen a countless number of these fads: Grease, Mousse, Hairspray, Gel. All of which's ending result ends up looking way too wet, or way to stiff, or just plain weird. Recently, though,  we've seen the release of many new products,  like waxes and texture creams, that give us a happy medium between plain dry hair, and the dreaded "wet look".

Find out what they are after the jump!

SOMA Shows Hustle, Books New Bands

It should be clear now (if it wasn't already) that Students Organizing the Multiple Arts is one of the most clutch organizations on campus.

After finding out earlier this week that Los Campesinos! would be canceling their show at Penn State due to issues with the Icelandic volcano (and, subsequently, that Cymbals Eat Guitars would not be coming either), SOMA President Danny Michelson hustled like no other and booked two new groups for their end of the year show: Man Man and The Apples in stereo ("Capitalization intentional," Michelson said in an email).

SOMA and Danny Michelson deserve some major praise for not only getting replacement acts together in just a day, but for getting acts that are on par with (or better than) the original musicians. Excellent work!

Just like the previous show, the new event will be free, at Heritage Hall in the HUB, will start at 7 (doors open at 6:45), and will feature local openers Kalob Griffin Band and Zak Sobel Band. You can find more details on the event page.

UPUA Meeting: No Unruly Mob, But Progress!

Last night's University Park Undergraduate Association meeting, perhaps the shortest of the semester, opened up with a few words from President Christian Ragland. He mentioned that the UPUA won an Award from the State College Borough Council, he was working on putting together a diversity seminar, and that he was also hoping to garner support from other university student council president to show encouragement for Joseph Igbineweka, a student president from Chico State University in California that was stabbed in a hate crime.

More details after the jump.