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Any guy out there with hair longer than your average fade knows what it’s like to try to maintain a good look on top of our heads. Lucky for us, a lot of the time the messy style just happens without having to do anything, and sometimes we can roll right out of bed and look as model-eque as it gets. Just ask Rob Pattinson (left), whom hasn’t washed or styled his hair since the last time his mom spit in her hand and fixed it for church.

But for us guys whose natural mess up top isn’t always as appealing as Edward Cullen’s, there is a need for some kind of product. We’ve seen a countless number of these fads: Grease, Mousse, Hairspray, Gel. All of which’s ending result ends up looking way too wet, or way to stiff, or just plain weird. Recently, though,  we’ve seen the release of many new products,  like waxes and texture creams, that give us a happy medium between plain dry hair, and the dreaded “wet look”. Besides the aesthetic issues, according to my barber, Chad, gels and sprays that contain alcohol are bad for your hair, and the “distinguished bald” look doesn’t really apply when you’re in your 20s. Check out these two products that you’re sure to like; they’re both great options.

Short.Sexy.Hair, Slept In by Sexy Hair is a texture crème that is quite easy to work in, and doesn’t leave your hair looking too stiff or soggy. This product is great for manufacturing the messy look, and it’s the product that I use nearly every day. I have thicker than average hair, and this texture crème loosens it up and makes it flow a little better. It’s not a gel, not quite a wax, but it fixes the flaws with both of the products, (gel being too goopy and wax being too hard to work in). Short.Sexy.Hair is available at most grocery stores or anywhere where hair products are sold. Only downside is that it goes for around $16, but lucky for me, my aunt is a hairstylist and hooked me up! wrote a Review on Murray’s Hair Pomade, and shortly afterwards my friend Marcus bought it and called me to tell me about it. For $1.75 you can’t beat it with a stick, and it received an 86/100 by readers on AskMen’s review. From what I hear, when it comes to keeping your hair up this is the cream of the crop. Marcus seconds that motion, and told me that it is similar to Short.Sexy in that it doesn’t give off the gel look, but gives a slick finish to it that’ll keep it up all night. AskMen suggests using a nickels worth, but after reading reviews, and talking to someone who uses it, I’d suggest only a dime’s worth. Murray’s’ flaw is in that it does a stellar job of holding your hair up for hours on end, but is a real pain to wash out, and sometimes traces of it will stay in your hair for a few days. Sometimes, however,  hair looks best the day after a product is used. Maybe it’s because it’s a good combo of the manufactured messy look, and the actual messy hair.


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