Phroth Invades Pasquerilla…Phor Real!

Looking for something cheap (read: free) to do this Blue and White Weekend? Look no further than the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center. No, don’t stop reading! Seriously. Saturday night from 8 – 10, the planets will align, the rain will cease, and a heavenly beam of light will shine down on the Spiritual Center. A sign of the apocalypse? Well, sorta. Tomorrow night, marks the first ever Phroth Alumni Comedy Show.

The show itself will consist of sketch comedy, stand up, and videos performed by some of the best comedic minds Penn State has ever seen. Alumni and former Phrothies Matt Little, Jeff Rubin, Dan Hopper, and Nate Kushner will be headlining, accompanied by Full Ammo Improv and Second Floor Stand-up.  The Alumni collectively boast an impressive resume, having written and performed for Saturday Night Live, College Humor, David Letterman, Best Week Ever, Baby Wants Candy and more.

Phroth is one of Penn State’s oldest student organizations at 101 years old. Remember that one issue of the Collegian you actually enjoyed reading? That was actually the Phroth Phollegian. Trust me, these guys (and girls) are funny.

“There may or may not also be fireworks, crying, and something involving goats in purple tutus…but I’m not making any promises,” said Phroth’s managing editor Kaitlin Janne after confirming it won’t smell like a ‘7th grade classroom’ like some of the other recent Penn State comedy endeavours. (Looking at you, AXE comedy tour). STILL not convinced to show up? Phroth member Andrew Cass also has agreed to offer handjobs to everyone who attends, because, “my mouth still has dignity.” For more information on the ‘religious experience…of some sort,’ click here!

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