Project Blue Pill: Starting Up Start-ups

So, Project Blue Pill has finally initialized! Still wondering what it is? According to their press release,

Project Blue Pill is a student-run think-tank start-up that starts up start-ups.

Whoa, quite meta. The press release also goes on to state that Project Blue Pill “listens to other student’s ideas and turns them into a reality”. The idea is quite simple–approach Project Blue Pill with a viable idea and they will use their own resources to help put your idea in motion (Kind of like these guys)! Their aim is for each project to improve the quality of life for Penn State students and aim to do this by working with student groups such as the University Park Undergraduate Association, the University Park Allocation Committee, the Association of Residence Hall Students and the Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council.

Some of Project Blue Pill‘s initial project launches are as follows:

  • Tenant Review of Landlord (TRL) – The TRL hopes to combine the student housing market with a rating feature. Think of it as a RateMyProfessors for off-campus housing. This will allow for students to see reviews of apartments and houses based on previous tenants.
  • PennSAFE – This initiative works to identify and address the safety issues which face the Penn State community. It seeks to raise awareness of ways safety can be enhanced here at PSU. They hope to use a three pronged approach to help spread awareness, which focuses on Prevention and Programming, Reporting, and Rehabilitation.
  • behindBLUE – In this initiative, Project Blue Pill hopes to work with the UPUA to expand the membership of the Facilities Fee board to include more students. This initiative also seeks to mobilize members of the community, administration, faculty, staff, and alumni to work closely with students, who will research and draft policy pertaining to issues regarding facilities at Penn State. This project hopes to “build and execute facilities proposals to make Penn State more sustainable, affordable and student friendly.”

Project Blue Pill has nothing to do with The Matrix, fighting agents, or saving Zion. However, it is about looking to empower students to take their ideas and turn them into reality. Our new reality.


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