Get a Lion Shrine Pic Before the Rush!

Kathleen Regan, Rachel Walla, and Abby Brunner take their pictures with the Lion Shrine weeks before graduation.

Hey (soon-to-be) Graduates!

Want to get your picture, dolled up in your cap and gown, with the Nittany Lion Shrine, the JoePa statue, or an ice cream cone at the Creamery? You’re probably thinking of doing so on graduation day. Makes sense, but here’s an idea:

Go this week instead! Throw on your graduation garb, grab your somewhat-photo-savvy friend to take the pictures, and take an hour to go get those shots! My friends asked me to play photographer for them two weeks ago, and their pictures turned out GREAT. It’s a little awkward wandering around campus with the cap and gown on, but the lines are so short that you can really take your time getting the angles that you want without being pressured by the thousands of students waiting for their turn.

The weather’s supposed to be a bit iffy this week (what else is new?), but if you happen to notice blue skies at some point, get out there! Trust me, when you have that perfect (albeit cheesy) picture with the Lion Shrine hanging up in your living room back at home, you (and your parents) will certainly be glad that you went when you did.

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Kari Haffelfinger

Kari is a senior double-majoring in photojournalism and English. Outside of taking photos for Onward State, she is also a member of the Penn State Blue Band, Fall Athletic Band and Pride of the Lions Pep Band. She is the secretary of the Penn State Student Red Cross Club and is also very active in the Penn State Dance Marathon as a member of the Public Relations Photography committee.


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