Fro-Yos Merge; New Home on Campus

Happy Valley Campus Kiwi Express

Ever get a craving for frozen yogurt but are too lazy to head downtown to one the four frozen yogurt shops on College Avenue? No need to fret – soon you will be able to get your fro-yo fix on campus!

Realizing that competing against each other would soon prove too frustrating, Happy Valley Freez, Campus Candy, Kiwi Yogurt, and Yogurt Express have decided to merge into a single frozen yogurt fortress. The title of their endeavor is a delicious blend of all the previous establishments’ names:  “Happy Valley Campus Kiwi Express.”

Penn State University officials decided to house the fro-yo factory in what was originally going to be the “Millennium Science Complex.”  They welcomed the idea, admitting that the center for science was “too boring to place in the heart of campus.”  After figuring out that no one would ever want to use the multi-million dollar building for science-related things, they resolved that being home to the world’s largest frozen yogurt factory would be a much better use for it.

Since there is no end in sight for the construction on the building, don’t expect to see your favorite frozen treat sold on campus any time soon. For the time being, the four separate establishments will remain open, constantly fist-fighting for your fro-yo affections.

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Kari is a senior double-majoring in photojournalism and English. Outside of taking photos for Onward State, she is also a member of the Penn State Blue Band, Fall Athletic Band and Pride of the Lions Pep Band. She is the secretary of the Penn State Student Red Cross Club and is also very active in the Penn State Dance Marathon as a member of the Public Relations Photography committee.


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