The Ultimate Spring Music Festival?

Matt and Kim playing at the Last Stop Music Festival last semester

It’s starting to look like the dream of a single Spring music festival may be coming to fruition. Recently, leaders of the University Park Undergraduate Association, Association of Residence Hall Students, the Student Programming Association, and The LION 90.7fm have been talking about the feasibility of combining Last Stop, Movin’ On, and Celebrate State.

If this were to happen, this could mean that the one super-festival would be able to bring more high-profile acts. Alternatively, the super-festival could bring in several artists and spread the festivities out over a whole weekend, with multiple stages and a wide variety of musical styles represented. Just thinking about that gets me very excited.

There are, however, some major obstacles that would have to be overcome to get a super-festival to work. First and foremost, is it feasible to combine the funds for the three festivals? That would be up to the University Park Allocation Committee and, naturally, the organizations behind Last Stop, Movin’ On, and Celebrate State. Moreover, where will the festival take place? It’s looking like the HUB lawn will be unavailable, so the event organizers will need to find another suitable location.

The organization leaders will be having another conference call this week. If they can address these concerns and combine all of the festivals, we could have something great on our hands.

[Photo Credit: Melanie Versaw]

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