The Disco Biscuits ‘Roll’ Through PSU

Maybe I took one too many glowsticks to the head, but last night at the State Theatre, The Disco Biscuits brought the house down with their stunning jam rock.

The Disco Biscuits, a well-known band to the State College area, began playing around 9:30 as fans decked out in tye-dye and sunglasses rolled into the aisles. But there was something amiss.

Yes, the band got everyone on their feet and moving around, but that could have just been the smell in the air. For some reason, dancing in the aisles was frowned upon as State Theatre employees patrolled up and down making sure everyone was in their rows.

The Biscuits sold out their third show in State College, with both fans and the musicians alike just impressed on the turnout.

Overall, the show was a success. The Biscuits took a 20 minute break about halfway through their set, in which many people took the opportunity to rehydrate or zone out. When the band returned, the lasers and strobe lights returned with full force as well.

The Disco Biscuits are touring on their newest album Planet Anthem as well as playing music from their past dozen or so releases. They graced fans’ ears with hits from everything with their electronic dance music.

The Biscuits are infamous for their “Camp Bisco” a festival held in upstate New York with groups like Pretty Lights, Rusko, and other jambands, DJ’s, and trippy musical artists. A venue like the State Theatre may be a break from their routine, but the music prevailed nonetheless, aisle-dancing-ban be damned. The Disco Biscuits are welcome here anytime.

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