THON Captains Chosen

Selections for THON 2011 committee captains were announced Sunday. This year 315 students out of 576 applicants were chosen to lead OPP, Morale, Public Relations and the rest of the 11 main committees.

The process of choosing captains is speedy. Applications were posted the Monday before classes officially started and applicants had two weeks to submit their materials.  A few days later, all applicants were invited to be interviewed.  The interviews, conducted by two overall chairmen, were short but intense.

“Captains work extremely hard throughout the year to make THON happen and we are so grateful for their time and dedication that they show for our cause,” said THON Public Relations Overall Jony Rommel.

Committees are a great way to take a more active role in THON. If you’re interested in joining a committee, applications are currently available online.

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