Penn State [Dickinson] Law School Plays the Name Game

It’s no surprise that when you stamp something with “Penn State”  you will get an automatic following: Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Penn State THON, Penn State Honey Mustard Dip, etc. However, some have come out expressing their dismay in Penn State Law School not always using the “Dickinson.”

Penn State Dickinson School of Law building located off Park Ave. on University Park Campus

“I find it a little disheartening and a little disappointing,” said the Mayor of Carlisle, Kirk Wilson “It’s like they slowly want to get rid of Mr. Dickinson.”  Ellen Foreman, a spokesperson for the school explained the name change isn’t official but done for the purposes of simplicity and marketing.

Penn State [Dickinson] Law School is not as new as you may think. Actually, it was founded as The Dickinson School of Law in 1834, and only recently merged with Penn State in 2000.  Before getting its second location in University Park, the law school resided solely in Carlisle Pennsylvania.

According to the CDT article, “With that audience [prospective students], the reference is usually to Penn State Law, a short, easy-to-remember name.” It should not be discounted that with the new location and greater recognition as a Penn State affiliated establishment, the school has gone up in the rankings systems.

But seriously, everything touched by the Penn State name turns to gold–how could you not want to use it? If 1 out of every 127 American college graduates is a Penn Stater, think of all the potential lawsuits, contracts, and more!

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