Next Stop: Lactation Station

PSU has a lot of policies, but one would think “breasts” and “lactation” are cited in few. According to Penn State Live, “Penn State recently implemented a university-wide lactation policy for faculty and staff who choose to nurse their infant children.”

The new policy came about when new-mother-employees expressed concern that their supervisors would overlook their breastfeeding needs. Now, with the enacted policy, they are given flexible schedules to take 15-20 minute breaks throughout the day. It also states that “breastfeeding or milk expression may take place in public or private.”

With the new program, the university is creating “Lactation Stations” for further accommodation. Lactation Stations are located in eight buildings on campus. Staff and faculty that are interested in using the facility are required to make reservations. The rooms give the option of nursing your baby, using your own pump, or using a Penn State provided pump. Rooms will be stocked with necessary items-things like sinks, refrigerators, phones, and toys.

The new allowance reveals how much the university cares for its employees. Cynthia Bartok, founder of the Breastfeeding Support Program, said “it wasn’t much of a challenge at all, which just goes to show the spirit of Penn State is to take care of its employees.”

It seems like Penn State could teach Sesame Street a thing or two about the importance of breasts in child development.

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