Settle v. Professor: the Biden Rally Tiff

Tuesday’s visit from Vice President Biden brought with it partisans of all stripes. The Democrats were inside the HUB, and conservative groups held court outside the Pollock Road entrance. One such organization, Young Americans for Freedom, protested outside with handmade signs worded with clever sayings about how Obama has done nothing to help students.

Protests have the potential to cause confrontation, and that is just what occurs here.

According to, a website that aims to help conservative activists looking to root out liberal bias on college campuses,

Physics professor Steven Heppelmann angrily confronted Samuel Settle, Penn State senior and YAF president. Heppelmann accused Samuel of not wanting a “respectful dialogue” on economic policy.  Then, oblivious to the irony, he repeatedly called the student “pathetic” for dissenting from Obama’s economic policies.  This did not prevent Settle from educating the professor on how low taxes and pro-growth policies help everyone.

Did this exchange actually happen as CampusReform says? In my opinion, absolutely not. Dr. Heppelmann asked Sam what he actually wanted to change with the government. Sam said he wanted to cut capital gains taxes, then went off on a tangent about Hong Kong.

Draw your own conclusions below.

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