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Rock Comedian Smith Releases Penn State Video

Brian Smith stares back at us from our computer screen, regally posed in a tin wash basin – not to mention naked as the day he was born — and accompanied by a yellow plastic toy duck riding along on his shoulder

“Who is that guy?” you think to yourself, laughing despite being absolutely horrified at the pastiness of his upper thighs.

Meet self-proclaimed “Rock Comedian” Brian Smith, an Indiana University graduate who is sure to rack up the PSU pageviews as his video singing about the trials and tribulations of Penn State college life is released today. Smith is slowly gaining a following around college campuses as the go-to promoter of individualized college life, be it Indiana University or Hofstra University, as he creates humorous videos featuring all those things we college kids our proud of… you know: pubs, clubs, and drugs.

Just kidding. Sort of.

But somehow, we think he might stick around longer then “Leave Britney alone” video creator, she-man Chris Crocker, or the little known lipsyncer Gary Brolsma, whose facial expressions and fist pumping in the “Noma Noma” video earned him a fan following with the Jersey Shore cast.

Smith, a breath of fresh air in an industry where jokes are reused over and over, has managed to find a road less traveled —  or in our case, never traveled — by his comedic counterparts.

His satirical videos revolve around university life, but incorporate a new sensation to sweep the comedy industry – jokes with a guitar. Which of course, only adds to his sex appeal as a blonde hair, blue eyed, 6-foot tall Jew.

Wait…he’s Jewish?

Yup, despite having one of the most common first and last Christian names in America. Not that his religion holds him back though; just a few weeks ago, he was promoting himself during Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday where Jews beg for forgiveness for their naughty sins committed during the past year.

“I know I’m supposed to be atoning for everything that I’m writing and singing about, but why not?” he asked us during a phone interview.

And boy does he have a lot to atone for. With songs titled “I get naked at the spa,” “Your sister has herpes, she gave them to me,” and “The Adderall song,” he leaves nothing to the imagination.

Not that that’s a bad thing. He allows every college student to live vicariously through his songs, despite never having lived these experiences himself.

“Having two girls rip my clothes off and a smoking hot teacher in the background as the cover of my MySpace page is awesome,” said Smith. “Unfortunately, none of that actually happened to me in college…it was only something I dreamed about growing up. Now, I get to write would could have happened.”

Fortunately for us, Smith made good on his college dreams this past summer while filming the Penn State video around the campus and throughout the State College community.

Smith knows his audience – the video begins at Beaver Stadium with the chorus chants of “We are, we are, we are, we are PENN STATE,” echoing off the walls of the arena.

He stays true to the Penn State college mindset in the midst of a somewhat offensive song, with lines like:

“Chicks in north face, getting shit faced.”

Or how about:

“Sorority girls will drink out guys at other schools; make them feel like fucking tools.”

Or better yet:

“You better watch out for the police, they hide in bushes or up in trees, jumping out at you late at night, giving citations left and right.”

His favorite part of the two-day filming trip? Attempting to drink a “mind eraser” liquor shot but not managing to get the video angle he needed, despite filming three takes.

“Those drinks will Fuck. You. Up,” Smith said. “And by the third take, my videographer was like ‘You’re getting too red dude. You’re face is getting redder than Rudolph’s nose.’ So we decided the shot needed to be just the cup and a straw.”

Despite having to fake some video shots, Smith never fakes the good stuff – namely, the creative, relatable lyrics all his songs are made of, such as taking advantage of drunken sorority girls, smoking pot, and skipping class.

He collects college information by sending out questionnaires to campus students and compiling similar answers into jokes.

Like any good comedian, Smith welcomes criticism.

“Look, sometimes people are going to like me, sometimes they will say ‘You suck,’” said Smith. “But I kind of like the haters because it brings you back down to earth.”

Smith is in town tonight emceeing the Super Mash Bros. concert at Delta Upsilon, put on by

What do you think? Does he hit the nail on the head or did he miss an integral part of being a Penn State student? What would you have included in the song?

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