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Author: Becky Perlow

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Becky Perlow

Becky is a feature writer for Onward State. Currently on her victory lap (read: fifth-year senior), she studies both journalism and hotel/restaurant management at Penn State. She hails from Charm City, Maryland, and as a rabid Ravens fan, she isn't afraid to insult the Steelers QB ("No means no!"). She also loves to travel -- she's been to 26 countries and counting!

The Night America Won

Everyone wants to be a part of history. On May 1, 2011 (a little more than nine and a half years after the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks), almost 6,000 Penn State students got that chance. Flooding the streets of Beaver Canyon, the Penn State community banded together for more than three hours by swinging American flags from makeshift poles of curtain rods or tree branches, wrapping their arms around each other as they belted out the national anthem and celebrated the death of one of the greatest terrorists in modern history.

Musicians Grow up at Open Wings, Broken Strings

Last night at the State Theatre, our writer Becky Perlow was taken back in time to the 1990s and the days of 'She's All That'.

State Patty’s Day Update: Quantity Over Quality

Whoever said State Patty's day was just for the kids clearly didn't have their heads on straight, because as of 10:30 a.m. this morning, there are old-timers taking part in today's activities. How old do you ask?

42-years-old, to be exact.

Earlier this morning, a 42-year-old male was found running down Allen Street, stealing parking tickets from cars' windshields. According to State College police, the man's blood alcohol content was .364. That's just one of the many incidents reported from this morning.

Best Places to Take a VD *ahem* Valentine’s Day Date

You've just spent the past three months spending every dollar you have flying home to see your family on Thanksgiving... only to discover that your family went to Florida for the holiday... and forgot to tell you. Or shelling out thousands for a wedding ring to propose on Christmas morning... only to have it thrown in your face because it was too small. Or paying hundreds to ensure you jump the line at the club you chose for New Year's Eve... only to find that the girl you were kissing was a guy.

But for those brave male soldiers who still want to venture out of their bat caves, here are a few suggestions and tips to keep in mind when you try to decide where to bring your date.

Finding a Way for People to Turn Over a “New Leaf”

Walking down the narrow, dimly lit steps of 204 W. College Ave. and continuing through the door at the bottom, you take a minute to look around what is currently a work in progress. A wall across the room – painted so obnoxiously green that you are almost blinded – greets you immediately.

Looking closer still, you see there are dry-erase marker drawings on a white-board-painted table. But what is it? Facts. And figures. And a dream that’s about to become a reality. The dream – and the office space – belongs to New Leaf Initiative, State College’s newest non-profit organization.

My Brother, We are Pilgrims in an Unholy Land

Almost 10 years ago to the date, my father came to me and asked me a question that most 13 year olds will never have to answer:
“Would you rather go to the Super Bowl with your brothers and me or would you rather go shopping with your mother in Washington D.C.?”

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