Despite Rain, Homecoming Carnival Rocks

Homecoming Carnival

Homecoming CarnivalDespite the yucky weather, students came out to the Old Main lawn for Homecoming’s Best of Penn State Carnival on Wednesday evening. As per the press release, “The carnival tie[d] together themes around the Penn State campus and downtown State College to highlight what Penn Staters take pride in the most.”

Booths were hosted by various independent and Greek organizations. Before heading to the lawn, org members were given little “passport” books, where they could put stickers from each booth and then receive spirit points upon completion. Some booths included “Whack-a-Squirrel” and Graham Spanier trivia. Undoubtedly the most popular was a balloon dart game, where, if you popped a balloon, you got a slice of Canyon Pizza.

Originally the event was advertised as a carnival and field day, but because of the grounds conditions, the field day was nixed. Some of the events that were planned for the competition, including bob-for-donuts and basketball shooting, remained on the lawn to enjoy.  Definitely the coolest activities at the carnival were the velcro wall and bull riding inflatables, reminiscent of those old school Nickelodeon game shows.

“I really like this event [because] it draws the community out,” explained Caitlin Rush, Homecoming’s Public Relation Director. And that it did. The event was open to all students, faculty and staff, and the entire State College community. From little kids to members of the Homecoming Court, attendance was steady.

Those who stopped by, among other things (spirit points, popcorn, candy), left with muddy shoes. Seriously, my boots are covered.

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