HRIM 430 Theme Dinners Begin Next Week

Mario Batali. Bobby Flay. Masaharu Morimoto. Wolf Gang Puck. Emeril Lagasse.

These Las Vegas chefs are common names to anyone who has ever fallen victim to Food Network, viciously craving a taste of whatever is being cooked on the television. But crave no more, because Penn State students will have the chance taste dishes from these chefs in the Mateer building on October 13.

Everyone can finally experience the hype for themselves. As part of HRIM 430 theme dinners, Penn State students Jimmy Moreland, Devin Jarvis, Glenn Simpson, Ki-Tae Park, Brandon Huston, Elizabeth Cleary and Jennifer Reagan will host the finest dining experience on campus with a menu inspired by the aforementioned Las Vegas chefs.

How does bruschetta with fresh basil sound? Or a perfectly cooked ribeye steak? And baked Alaska for dessert? If this is beginning to sound like last night’s episode of Iron Chef, then you better make your reservations!

The students will fully operate the restaurant, including everything from preordering the food to washing the dishes. Although celebrity chefs of Las Vegas is an original concept, other HRIM 430 theme dinners have been very popular in the past.

October 13 will feature a menu inspired by the celebrity chefs of Las Vegas. Each item ranges from $15-$21 and is from an exact recipe created by Batali, Flay, Morimoto, Puck, or Emeril. The ambiance will be just like you are in the Sin City itself.

The entire class of HRIM 430 would love to see everyone come out to enjoy a high-class meal and support the HRIM program with the first dinner opening October 11.

“All of the students in our class come together to make every customer’s dining experience unique and fun,” said Reagan.

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