Global Living Option Replacing Soon-To-Be Late Simmons

If you’re still mourning the decision to close Simmons Dining Commons, maybe it’s time to let go. On Sunday, Schreyer Honors College Dean Christian Brady, tweeted “True…good times. The dining will be replaced by our new “Global” special living option. Very excited about that.”

In the place of the healthy-market dining facility will be new dorms. Specifically, a special new living option as Dean Brady tweeted. While all the details are not quite worked out, including an official name, Brady explained, “We envision cultural programs, language, and so on, but also issues of global concerns, such as economics, environment, etc…”

The renovations will begin this summer, when the doors close for good on the dining hall. New dorm rooms will be built, creating space for 74 beds. For the students that apply and get selected, 24 spaces for freshman will be available, and the remaining will go to upperclassmen.

Stanley Latta, Assistant Vice President of Housing, Food Services, and Res Life, maintained that the converting of Simmons is just part of a plan that has been in the works for a few years now. Renovations in North have been recently completed, and the time has come to move to South.

Latta’s message to students and staff who might be feeling frustrated about Simmons’ future closing is, “I hope that you can see that these decisions were part of a larger plan to continue to improve the residential and dining experiences for our students and be sensitive to the room and board fees and the total cost of attendance.”

We know you love your Israeli couscous and whole grain carbs, but try not to be bitter.

What are your thoughts about Penn State adding new housing focused on “global issues and concerns”?

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