Jason to Show His ‘O’ Face

Today, Penn State alum Jason Olcese, better known as State College’s Jason O, will perform as part of the National Finals of the BOSS Loop Station World Championship. The championship will take place in Hollywood with five other contestants, with the best going on to compete with the world’s best loopers.

For those unfamiliar with looping, it is the art of capturing a certain beat, rhythm or instrument and using it in conjunction with other loops, creating a full band effect despite the fact that only one person is performing. This style of music has been made popular by current artist Owen Pallet, an infamous looper with several albums honing the craft.

Jason loops a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, vocals, harmonies, percussion, piano, harmonica, ukulele and trumpet all into one song.

Jason’s video “Sir Loops A Lot” was the key to sending him to the finals. Using his BOSS Looping System, the video shows exactly what looping consists of and what it took to reach his spot in Hollywood. He also performed “Sir Loops a Lot” and “Stupid Lips” at TEDxPSU earlier this month. His performance is embedded at the bottom of the page.

Since 2002, Jason O has released six independent albums and written over 150 songs. He attended Penn State University where he earned a B.S. in psychology with honors in music. Jason is most recognized as the lead singer of the band My Hero Zero, but performs as Jason O in his spare time.

The BOSS Loop Station National Finals will be held at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood on Saturday, October 23 at 6 p.m. For more of Jason’s music, go to www.jasonomusic.com or find him on iTunes.

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