Liquor Control Board Goes Loco Over Loko

Although no formal ban has been issued yet, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has asked distributors to stop selling Four Loko and similar products.

In a letter sent to the distributors, the PLCB addressed the dangers of alcoholic energy drinks, namely Four Loko. According to the PLCB, one can contains the same alcohol percentage as five or six beers.

Plus, as cheap as these drinks are, it is clear why they would be any college kid’s dream–more bang for your buck and in a fun, fruity disguise.

However, until the Food and Drug Administration finishes their investigation of the safety issues regarding alcoholic energy drinks, the decision of whether to sell the popular beverages remains in the hands of the distributors.

So, for now the choice is yours; Stick with the old-school Natty and Vlad or stock up on Four Loko while you still can. Heck, if you want to be super rebellious (and spend the night with your head in a toilet), do a power hour from Penn State shot glasses and really drive officials loco. Or just load up on alcoholic whipped cream.

Check out the full PLCB letter below:

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