Invention 2 Venture to Quench Your Entrepreneur Thirst

Entrepreneurship used to be  something you could only learn about in a classroom in Smeal.  But this Saturday, November 13, Penn State is hosting the Invention to Venture. Like TedxPSU, I2V is encouraging students to think out of the box and take initiative with their ideas.

The goal of I2V is to “help students, faculty and regional industry find common ground in technological innovation and highlights the path to entrepreneurial success.” Speakers at Penn State’s event will range from CEOs to lawyers, and even Penn State student and co-founder of Innoblue David Adwumi. The I2V site gives a good breakdown of the goals for this Saturday.

At this fast-paced high-energy workshop, participants will:

  • Explore technology entrepreneurship fundamentals
  • Discover how to turn an innovative product idea into a new technology venture
  • Hear success stories from young entrepreneurs
  • Network with the people who can help make your ideas a reality

“With the unemployment rate crossing 10%, economists are drawing parallels of the current economy to the Great Depression, 75 years ago. However, several successful companies today started during slow economies. This is the time to be entrepreneurial!” explained Dr. Khanjan Mehta, a faculty member in the College of Engineering.

The conference, which is being held from 8:40 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Alumni Hall, is open to everybody: students, faculty, staff, and community members. Registration for students only costs $10 for the conference workshops and breakfast and lunch.

The event promises to be a great opportunity to learn and network. For more info on I2V, including Saturday’s printed Agenda and detailed list of guest speakers, check out the previously-linked I2V Penn State page.

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