Hershey Medical Center Still a Stand-Out in Penn State System

The National Research Corporation recently announced that for the 12th consecutive year in a row, the Penn State Hershey Medical Center was awarded a Consumer Choice Award based on the company’s annual consumer-focused Ticker Study. Assessment is based on which hospitals in the country present the best overall quality and image.

The Med Center (the huge campus pictured to the right, if you haven’t seen it before) is one of the University’s most identifying campuses, given its great size and the research and specialty focus practiced by many doctors who work in the hospital. Not to mention the fact that it actually houses a medical college on its campus. Talk about synergy.

Harold L. Paz, who is simultaneously the Medical Center’s chief executive officer, Penn State’s senior vice president for health affairs, and the dean of the Penn State College of Medicine, explained, “As the region’s only academic medical center, Penn State Hershey Medical Center combines state-of-the-art medical care and research with a friendly, caring environment, advancing our mission of improving health in central Pennsylvania.”

The Hershey Med Center isn’t the only Penn State connection. A local State College hospital, the Geisinger Medical Center, was also recognized in the rankings. Just wait until the Penn State Hershey Medical Center regional campus in State College is online!

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