Registrar Realizes It’s the 21st Century

In an effort to modernize Penn State’s archaic course registration system, the Office of the University Registrar will be releasing a new and improved Schedule of Courses site on January 25. This change is long overdue, and there are some pretty cool features in the upcoming release.

Since reading paragraphs is hard, I’ve made a handy list of the changes for you:

  • Easier to use time and date selection criteria – do Thursday classes cut into your drinking time? Don’t fear, now it will be easier than ever to schedule all your classes on the same day (and still not go to them).
  • Search by instructor last name – now you don’t have to check ratemyprofessors after you schedule, you can just pick classes taught by instructors with those red chili peppers.
  • Search by multiple general education requirements – trying to lower the number of classes you have to take in a semester? Now you can actually find those elusive triple-counting courses.
  • Ability to jump to a particular course when multiple courses appear in results – hitting Ctrl-F can be too much work for some people, so now you don’t have to to find the class you’re looking for. Be warned, you may still have to use your mouse at times.
  • Reorganized section specific information includes links to Google Maps for University Park buildings – I always find the walk between Hammond and Sackett a little daunting. Now you can schedule all your classes based on location. If you play your cards right, you won’t even have change seats between classes.

The registrar’s website has a full list of the changes which will go into effect next Tuesday. Now if they could just do something about ANGEL…

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