Center for Sustainability Holds Video Contest

The Center for Sustainability is teaming up with the Media Commons folks to hold a video contest exploring what our community thinks about sustainability. The group is looking for videos not longer than 3 minutes that address one of two topics:

  • Sustainable You Tell a personal story about what sustains you, answering one or more of these questions: What brings you happiness when you feel down, and why? What do you truly love and want to sustain in your life and world? Where do you draw the inspiration, strength and energy you need to sustain your drive to learn and grow and progress as an individual? How have you found happiness through contributing to a more sustainable world?
  • Sustainable U Share your vision for a truly sustainable Penn State. How would it be different? Focus on something that?s already happening in a class or co-curricular activity that you’d like to see expand. Or share an idea about something that you’d really love to see that isn’t happening yet, but should. Or explore how your academic discipline can make its own unique contribution. Most important: Explain why this vision makes you feel happy!

Entries are due on April 15. The finalists will be shown at an Earth Day event on April 22… and then comes the fun part. Voting will take place from April 22 to April 30. The winner will be announced on May 1. There will be a grand prize of $1000. The registration form isn’t available yet, but if you email [email protected]  with the subject “VIDEO CONTEST you will be notified when it’s online. The complete rules are also available.

You should also check out the promotional video… crappy or not?

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