Movin’ On: They’re Doing Work, Son

With a little pushing and lots of comments on my ideal Movin’ On lineup, the ball seems to be rolling a little faster. Movin’ On’s third survey was released yesterday, trimming many of the artists who had been on the the previous survey.

This time students rate the artists individually from a scale of 1 to 5. A few of my ideas (and many of yours) made it into this list of potential artists. Bands like Vampire Weekend and the Black Keys made the list again, as well as a few new names like Bright Eyes and the Avett Brothers. There are a plethora of good choices on this list with very few I’d hate to see (see: all country acts, most of the rap secletions excluding Kid Cudi).

Maybe we’ll get to see Brand New and Broken Bells open for a Pretty Lights rave. Who knows?

So go on and share your opinion with the Movin’ On crew. If enough people take it, they might even get someone cool.

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