Day: April 3, 2011

Corbettville Raises Awareness for Tuition Walk-Out

Walking into the first floor of the HUB, you may have seen a group of cheerful campers sitting indian-style on baja blankets with acoustic guitars and djembes. According to organizers, it isn't just a group of kids finding new ways to spend their free time, it's a movement.

Prof Blasts Walk-Out on College Libs List-Serv

Professor Robert Eckhardt blasted Monday's planned tuition walk-out in an email sent over the Penn State College Libertarians listserv.

Walk-Out: Good Idea or Wrong Message?

The much-anticipated Walk Out for Penn State is being held Monday, and while some see it as the best, most-organized effort to demonstrate against Governor Corbett's budget cuts yet, the event has also had its naysayers.