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Onward State’s 4/20 Playlist

Undiscovered Bum’s Playlist

I have an extensive dedicated playlist called 4:20 on my iPhone and computer for all times and occasions. You never know where you’ll be when you need a solid smoke playlist. Out of the plethora of songs I usually bake to, these two are by far my favorite.

Kid Cudi – “Cudderisback”

Not many people may know this Cudi track, mainly because it isn’t his song. Rapping over top of Vampire Weekend’s “Ottoman,” Cudi proves that for him, green is much more than a color, but a way of life. With lyrics like “Stay home a lot, no TV. Just thoughts and a heap of good weed,” Cudi is one of the best examples of music for the holidays; even if he did supposedly “quit weed.”

Bob Dylan- “Rainy Day Women”

Out of the millions of songs about the magical herb, Bob Dylan made sure to solidify himself as an icon when it comes to his hippie-stoner followers. “Rainy Day Women” is actually the first Dylan song I had ever heard thanks to my high-school journalism teacher. Sit back, pass the blunt and sing along with your friends to this classic ballad about smoking a little green. After all, Dylan says it best in this song: “everybody must get stoned.”

And a few more for the playlist…

John Mayer – “Who Says”
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Akon – “Kush”
Afroman – “Because I Got High”
Lil’ Wayne – “Kush”
Asher Roth – “Blunt Cruisin’”
Sublime- “Smoke Two Joints”


Chocolatey Shatner’s Playlist

Kid Cudi- “Daps & Pounds”

What up? What it be? To continue with the Cuder, I suggest you give a listen to my personal favorite of all of his tracks, “Daps & Pounds.” While Cudi’s flow has always been a bit off-beat, he transforms to a whole ‘nother being on this number, mesmerizing listener’s with his slurring phrases and calm tone (I can only imagine how incredibly highasaurus-rex he was when he recorded this song). Plus, in the song talks about giving out free blunts…just imagine Kid Cudi in a retro ice cream truck (obviously playing this song), flocks of smiling and screaming children sprinting through their front screen doors, and him handing out big, fat blunts to every single one of them.

Gorillaz- Empire Ants

Gorillaz is a musical project produces CDs which are best when listened from start to finish, taking you on a fantastical journey through the wacked-out soundscapes of multi-instrumentalist Damon Albarn (and collaborators) and fictional universe of visual composer Jamie Hewlett. However, if you had to choose one song of theirs to christen this wondrous holiday, make it “Empire Ants.” The track begins with a soothing combination of soft beat, wavering keys and Albarn’s croon. But once it hits 2:15, just let the music take you to whatever magical land you desire.

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa- “That Good”

Snoop and Wiz. Cheech and Chong. Lots of weed.

And a few more for the playlist…

Aesop Rock- “Water”
Envy on the Coast- “Clergy” (the entire Lowcountry album, actually)
Chip Tha Rippa- “Feel Good”
Wiz Khalifa- “Smokin’ Good”
Outkast- “Crumblin’ Erb”
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg- “The Next Episode”
The Pharcyde- “Pack the Pipe”

Inebriated Assistant’s Playlist

Tom Petty – “You Don’t Know How It Feels”

This Tom Petty classic topped the charts back in 1994 and it’s still a staple in my 4/20 playlist today. The song is commonly mistaken as being called “Roll Another Joint” and will make you want to sit back, relax and do just that. Don’t fight the urge.

Madvillian – “America’s Most Blunted”

“America’s Most Blunted” is an ode to blunt rolling and getting high. Madvillian’s MF DOOM rips the song with his unorthodox delivery and unparalleled flow. When you’re listening to some tunes during your holiday blunt session(s), I suggest throwing this jam on.

And a few more for the playlist…

Van Halen – “Dreams”
Wiz Khalifa – “So High”
CurrenSy – “Elevator Musik”
Rebelution – “Feeling Alright”
Styles P – “I Get High”

Well-Liked Assman’s Playlist

Incubus- “Aqueous Transmission”

Warning, this song may make you doze off into a Tibetan landscape of Panda Bears smoking opium and Koa fish on benny. Brand Boyd, the lead vocalist of Incubus himself, warned listeners not to jam on this track while drinking or operating heavy machinery. Aqueous Transmission is a master piece of soothing lyrics, atmospheric samples and a Japanesse stringed instrument known as a KoKyu. Release the stressful oars of reality and go “floating down a river” with a track even more chill then the Dalai Lama and Ghandi combined.

Michael Franti and Spearhead- “Ganja Babe”

Michael Franti, the lead vocalist of Spearhead, is notorious for blazing joints and rocking no shoes. He’s also becoming famous for his cleaver wording for his love for his sweet heart Mary Jane in the track, “Ganja Babe.” The hit single first started chilling out stoners when it premiered on the first season of Showtime’s hit series, Weeds. If this song is good enough for Nancy Botwin to spark up to, it should go nicely with your Are U Hungry and weed brownies. Turn this shit up and grab your light “like Thomas funky Edison.”

And a few more for the playlist…

Pink Floyd – “Breathe”
Chip Tha Ripper –“Light On Up”
Bone Thugs and Harmony – “Weed Song”
Don Henley – “Dirty Laundry”
Pac Div – “Don’t Forget the Swishers”
Wiz Khalifa – “The Statement”
Grateful Dead – “Scarlet Begonias”
Sublime – “Garden Grove”

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