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Day: April 20, 2011

Promo: Earn $10 Every 10 Times You Order Online

Our partner is offering a promotion through the end of May for its online food ordering system. Every 10 orders you place from now until May 31 will earn you $10 back.

Order a few times a week and by the end of the school year and you'll have earned enough to buy yourself a celebratory pizza from Zimmie's Family Restaurant or one of the many other fine dining establishments that offer delivery through

And hey-- why not start today? After all, there's nothing like some delivery to cure the munchies. If you're reading on your smartphone right now, check out our mobile online food ordering using the 'Food' button above.

Orders will be tracked using email addresses. At the end of the promotion the check will be mailed to the address you specify as your delivery address in your orders. Check out the full list of options here.

Who is the Penn State Boombox Guy?

If you've spent enough time walking around downtown late at night on the weekends, chances are you've seen some guy reppin' the 80s/early 90s with a boombox on his shoulder. And if you were real lucky, you saw him break it down to some Michael Jackson.

When the weather's nice on your typical Friday or Saturday night in the spring and early fall, "The Penn State Boombox Guy" can be seen with a girl on each arm, strutting his swag downtown blasting 80s and 90s rock, rap, and dance hits from the boombox he props on his shoulder.

Movies to Watch for 4/20

We all have our favorite movies to watch while we pass a dutch. So some of the resident midnight tokers decided to team up and give you guys a list of movies deemable for a 4/20 matinee. You might not agree with all of them, but give it a shot. You never know when you'll have an existential realization while hear Pink Floyd's "Money" overlap the yellow-brick road.

Onward State’s 4/20 Playlist

Besides good weed and good friends, what is smoking without good music? On a day like 4/20, you aren't going to need just a few jams to last through a bowl pack or two, but a day-long soundtrack. Onward State staff members have assembled an impressive playlist to make sure that your day of ode to the sticky green the euphonious experience it should be.

Reader-Submitted Post

2011 Kalliope Release Party Tonight in Waring Study Lounge

Kalliope literary magazine to host Release Party tonight featuring Chris Cascio. Free books, free food, free ice cream!

Jeopardy Can’t Get Enough of Happy Valley

Twice in the past few weeks a Penn State-related question has found its way on Jeopardy. Most recently was this past Monday night, when the $600 answer under "Forbes' Most-Educated Small Towns" read "No, 15: this Pennsylvania town that's also known for some football, Nittany Lions style". The answer (obviously) was "What is State College?"

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