Promo: Earn $10 Every 10 Times You Order Online

Starting today, Onward State’s partner site is offering a promotion for its online food ordering system. Every 10 orders you place from now until May 31 will earn you $10 back.

If you are like many students I know and order a few times each week, you’ll earn some pocket change by the end of the year… that’s not even to mention that doesn’t charge a service fee for ordering online. As the hashtag goes, #winning.

And hey– why not start today? After all, there’s nothing like some delivery to cure the munchies. If you’re reading on your smartphone right now, check out our mobile online food ordering using the ‘Food’ button above.

Orders will be tracked using email addresses. At the end of the promotion the check will be mailed to the address you specify as your delivery address in your orders. Check out the full list of options here.

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