Month: May 2011

In State College? Ride The Slides!

The William L. Welch Community Swimming Pool, located on Westerly Parkway near State College High School, was reopened this weekend with a First Splash ceremony that saw Mayor Gorehamn in attendance -- and participating -- as well as scores of kids and parents excited to try out what is the coolest water facility I've seen in a long time.

Jim Tressel Resigns as Ohio State Head Coach

Jim Tressel, one of the most successful head football coaches in the history of the Ohio State Buckeyes, and one who had repeatedly foiled the Nittany Lions' hopes of beating one of their biggest rivals, has resigned this morning after ten seasons.

State Senate Advances CCSG-Backed Amnesty Plan

On September 23, 2009 (just 2 days after Dado's death), the CCSG voted on a resolution that asked Penn State to provide medical amnesty for underage students who obtain help for someone suffering from a life-threatening, alcohol-related illness through emergency services and for the ill students themselves. It looks like the state will now act before the university does though.

Penn State Exploring Lacrosse-only Stadium

It's no secret that Penn State, the largest university in talent-rich Pennsylvania, has the potential to be a force in the college lacrosse landscape, and a new facility may be the next step in the process.

Pay for Play? No Way, Jose

In recent weeks, the Big Ten has discussed implementing a shift in policy which, while legal in the NCAA bylaws, offers the potential to fundamentally change the game of college football as we know it. It, in effect, challenges the essential definition of student-athletes as amateurs, and, when carried to its logical conclusion, only further erodes the values that most programs -- don't let the high profile scandals fool you -- stand on.

Big Ten Gets Student-Athlete Pay Right

The debate over whether college athletes should be given more than just an athletic scholarship has again come to the forefront of issues surrounding collegiate athletics after last week's Big Ten meetings. Here's why college athletes should be paid and why the Big Ten is on the right track.

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