Month: July 2011

Catching Up With Corey Hertzog

This summer, most of us have been spending our time at an internship or job, studying abroad, or frequenting the Jersey Shore. Former Penn State soccer star Corey Hertzog has been a little busier, though, as he kicks off his career in Major League Soccer.

FTCAP Favorites

FTCAP is an exciting day for freshmen, filled with great information about Penn State from upperclassmen who have been in the freshies’ shoes before. The FTCAP leaders are charged with being the freshmen’s first mentors as they embark on their college journey. But with an entire day filled with Penn State knowledge, some things can stick out more than others.

Freshman 101: Tips for Partying at Penn State

Penn State has been ranked among the country’s best party schools for a reason. Whether you plan on participating in holding down that tradition or not, of course, is up to you. Just know that you will hear people stumbling back at 2AM. And your dorm bathrooms may be wrecked the next day. You may also find Pokey Stix littering the sidewalks. This is completely normal. We want to prepare you for your future party endeavors, so here are 10 tips that should make you more party-smart than non-OS readers.

GSpan’s Tuition Trick Ends Budget Drama

With a 19% final reduction in state appropriations, how Penn State managed to keep this year’s tuition increase about 10% lower than it has been on average over the past 5 years is an interesting and complex story.

Arts Fest: CollegeIQ Sponsored Planking Contest

Planking has taken the Twitter world by storm in the past few months. Find out how upstart website is taking advantage of it during Arts Fest weekend to get their name out in the Penn State community.

Arts Festival 2011: Map of Downtown Festival

Didn’t realize there was actually more than just apartment ragers during Arts Fest? Worry not, my friend. Onward State is here with guides to the best parts of the weekend, from food to performances to party tips.

But to really enjoy all that Arts Fest has to offer, you’ll have to know where you’re going… Check out the handy map after the jump.

Arts Fest: Meat-on-a-Stick and Other Fest Foods

Meat-on-a-stick has been a staple of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts for years, and the spreads out during Wednesday’s Children’s Day certainly didn’t disappoint. Take a look at what we saw, and check out the full list of food vendors below.

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