Month: July 2011

Posluszny Agrees to Deal with Jacksonville

After 397 tackles and four seasons in Buffalo, Penn State legend Paul Posluszny has decided to move on. Late Tuesday night, Paul agreed in principle to sign a six-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Lion Breaks PSU Wireless Configs, But Easy Fix

I’m an unabashed early adopter, but my trailblazing can come at a cost sometimes. When I upgraded to Lion a few weeks ago, I quickly found myself unable to access Penn State’s extensive wireless infrastructure. I was able to tether through my trusty iPhone, but I realized that this was a problem hundreds, if not thousands, at the University would soon be facing…

Thankfully, the Internet is a wonderful place.

Crisp Closes: OH SNAP!

Crisp, a salad-and-smoothie restaurant located at 220 E. College Ave, has been shut down following a brief run that saw it debut with a lackluster reception due to relatively high prices. The storefront has been taken over by local convenience store favorite Snappy’s. Find out more details after the jump!

Former Nittany Lions Sign With NFL Teams

The end of the NFL work stoppage meant the beginning of NFL dreams for a few former Nittany Lions. Find out who will be heading where as NFL training camps kick off this week.

Freshman 101: Gym Memberships

Ah, the Freshman 15. You’ve all heard about it, freshmen, and you’re probably wondering how you can avoid it when you get to school this fall. In this installment of Freshman 101, we take a look at where you’re able to work out at Penn State and what fitness center option is best for you.

Penn State Is A Party School That Pays

We’ve all dealt with the disapproving looks and comments that sometimes accompany any discussion about the infamous “#1 party school” ranking attached to Dear Old State’s reputation. We try to explain that yes, we do party, but we also study and care about academics, too. Thankfully, salary analysis website has helped our argument by compiling a list of “party schools” ranked by salary potential.

The Quarterback Question

As football season approaches, the question on everyone’s mind surrounds the competition at starting quarterback. We break down the case for each quarterback and why each should be the starter.

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