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Day: September 8, 2011

Homecoming 2011 Student Court Announced

If you see newly-sashed student leaders walking around campus today, worry not -- you'll be looking at potential campus royalty. The Penn State Homecoming Student and University Courts will be announced late today after all ten student members for the Student Court and the eight faculty and staff on the University Court are informed surprised somewhere on campus.

Weather Restricts Tailgating, Parking for Bama Game

While the excitement surrounding the Alabama game hasn't withered, the ability to tailgate has been hampered by nearly constant rain this week. The wash has already soaked many tents and campers in Paternoville and is now seeking tailgaters and anyone driving to Saturday’s clash between Penn State and third ranked Alabama. With rainfall predicted into Friday, several normally accessible parking lots will be closed this weekend.

Party Patrol System to Curb Excessive Parties

In an effort to mitigate excessive, out-of-control parties in the State College Borough, authorities are attempting a slightly different approach to reduce the problems associated with large parties and improve town and gown relations in the process. The new "party patrol" system will form a unique partnership between State College and Penn State police and will rely heavily on the cooperation of students hosting parties off campus.

Homecoming 5K is No Walk in the Park

The Homecoming 5K might not have been a hallowed tradition at Penn State--it's only two years old--but during that time, it's "kicked off Homecoming week," according to Homecoming Public Relations director Marta Jonca. But due to a scheduling conflict, the 2011 calendar will be absent the event.

Make ‘Bama Fans Remember State College Fondly

I'll show you how friendly Alabama fans are. I saw it in Tuscaloosa last year. They don't deserve the same kind of dirtbag treatment we'd give to Ohio State or Notre Dame. When you're in the stadium on Saturday, make as much noise as you want, and yell whatever you want to 110,000 people who can't make out your brilliant taunt, but don't confront people in crimson on the street and tell them they suck.

THON Committees Now Accepting Applications

For those of you who are new to Penn State or live under a rock, the IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (aka THON) is probably the biggest thing at Penn State besides football. THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world and has raised over $78 million since 1973 for the Four Diamonds Fund. THON 2012 will be happening February 17th-19th, but the time to get involved is now.
Since THON is such a big deal and almost every club, sport, or organization participates, there are literally hundreds of opportunities. The most common way is to join a THON committee. There are 11 committees that need about 3,500 students to help make THON 2012 the best it possibly can be. We're here to help you pick the right one and give some tips on the process.

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