Day: September 11, 2011

Honor Guard Hoists American Flag

This afternoon, September 11th, Honor Guard police hang an American Flag from two fire engines outside the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center on Penn State's campus to honor those lost on 9/11.

PSU Lower Manhattan Native Remembers 9/11

This summer not only was I fortunate to obtain an internship in New York City, I was lucky enough to have two great friends house me for the summer. One of them, Alex Ortega, lived two blocks from Ground Zero. In light on the 10-year anniversary on 9/11, here is his story.

Ten Years Later: A Reflection of September 11

Usually, anniversaries are something to celebrate. Unfortunately, during this time of year we will be forever be solemn, flooded in the memories of what we shouldn’t have to remember.

Could you imagine 19 people discombobulating an entire nation, exploiting our cities by bringing horror and fear to what should have been a “normal” day?

It only took a couple of minutes and four airplanes to scar millions for life.

Images that are permanently embedded in our brains due to 19 extremists who severed families and keep others hopelessly wondering why. These same images could never be destroyed, because on September 11th of every year, television networks document actual footage, reminding everyone of the day that brought hell to New York City, Washington D.C., Shanksville, Pennsylvania; and the entire country.

9/11’s Impact on Military Families

When 9/11 comes to mind, the image of the brave service men and women, firefighters and police officers also appear. But what about the military families that were also impacted by the attacks?

Beaver Stadium

Penn State Football Game Observations: Alabama

It was a rough afternoon at Beaver Stadium for Penn State fans as the Alabama Crimson Tide sufficiently rolled the Nittany Lions. Whether you were at the game or watching on TV, there's plenty you may have missed from a day that provided a very unique stadium atmosphere.

Alabama Rolls Over Penn State, 27-11

No. 3 Alabama came into Beaver Stadium and rolled to a comfortable 27-11 victory. The win came in front of an electric crowd of 107,846 that featured a boisterous student section and plenty of away support. Penn State jumped out to a 3-0 lead on its first drive, but Alabama dominated the rest of the game. Penn State will look to improve next week against Temple in Philadelphia.