Author: Marissa Pollina

Good Tactics for Effective Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great way to grab people’s attention. Groups help people take a stand and realize what other people have to say. Here are some tactics to help you create an effective Facebook Group.

Joey Gladstone and The World Champion Tore Up the HUB

Dave Coulier from everyones favorite childhood sitcom “Full House” and Judah Friedlander from everyones now favorite sitcom “30 Rock”, came to the the HUB Friday night and had the room laughing for hours. It was a great show and the comedians lit it up.

Inaugural Jack-o’-Lantern Contest at Arboretum Saturday

Penn State’s first year pumpkin carving contest is a new festivity joining the list of things to do during October’s fall season. Enter your pumpkin, carve it and it’ll be a jack-o’-lantern among others up for judging and you could win a ribbon for your creativity.

If You’re Not Going Canning This Weekend…

While many people go canning for the weekends, there are certainly plenty of things to do if you stay behind. This Friday Sam Adams is coming to the HUB along with other activities. Saturday there will be plenty of sporting events to choose from.

Yammer: The Useful Social Network

Yammer. Even though it launched in 2008, I had only heard of it this semester. And it is actually very interesting. I’m not tech savvy and unfortunately it doesn’t come with instructions but professors on campus are trying to incorporate it into activity amongst themselves and their students.

HIV talk in Waring Commons

It’s not every day you’re greeted with a free condom–mint flavored at that! But that’s exactly what happened when I walked into 129 Waring for the HIV/AIDS panel. Attached to the condom was a True or False sheet, which allowed the guests to see what they knew about HIV or AIDS. The human immunodeficiency virus infects […]

Ten Years Later: A Reflection of September 11

Usually, anniversaries are something to celebrate. Unfortunately, during this time of year we will be forever be solemn, flooded in the memories of what we shouldn’t have to remember.

Could you imagine 19 people discombobulating an entire nation, exploiting our cities by bringing horror and fear to what should have been a “normal” day?

It only took a couple of minutes and four airplanes to scar millions for life.

Images that are permanently embedded in our brains due to 19 extremists who severed families and keep others hopelessly wondering why. These same images could never be destroyed, because on September 11th of every year, television networks document actual footage, reminding everyone of the day that brought hell to New York City, Washington D.C., Shanksville, Pennsylvania; and the entire country.

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