Movin’ On Releases First Survey

Looks like Movin’ On organizers listened to last year’s suggestions from students to get started on finding acts early. They released this year’s first survey on Saturday, posting it on their facebook account.

Last year’s first survey wasn’t released until November, although to be fair that was partly due to organizational struggles as multiple organizations came together to pool their resources.

There are more than a few big names on the list to get excited about. Some of my personal favorites include the Silversun Pickups, Kid Cudi, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, MGMT and Weezer. There is a good mix in terms of genre and style, in terms of newer as opposed to more established artists, and underground vs. mainstream acts as well. Some could potentially cause some controversy among students, like Tyler, the Creator, who everyone seems to have strong feelings about, one way or another.

I was disappointed about several names from last year that didn’t appear on the list, like the Black Keys and Arcade Fire. But that’s only a minor complaint; as a whole, the list is pretty decent. I was also a little surprised to see so many start-up and lesser-known artists there. If you stick to mainstream music and don’t tend to delve into the obscure, there will be many artists you don’t recognize. Good artists, certainly, but not well known.

But as long as I don’t have to endure Bruno Mars, I’ll be content. Though even that would beat out having to sit through another country act (I’m looking at you, Steel Magnolias).

What did you think of the survey? Who do you want to see Movin’ On bring to Penn State this year? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @psumovinon.

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