Knowledge Commons On Track to Open in January

We all know the construction that has West Pattee Library shut down is just a plain old hassle for everyone. But the construction is happening for a reason, and here it is.

The Knowledge Commons. What makes this area of the library so special?

Joe Fennewald, Head of the Knowledge Commons, brags that the Knowledge Commons will be a great asset for all students, and it’s where they are going to want to spend their time when they have work to do.

“That place is going to be packed, and it’s going to draw people and be a dynamic environment,” he commented.

The Commons will be a place where students can work on assignments, presentations, podcasts, and whatever else they have on their plates. Technology consultants will be available for students, as well as iPads and laptops.

The purpose of these commons is to create an environment where students have everything they need, as opposed to having to run around campus for equipment and materials. Fennewald told us that his goal is to create a one-stop shop.

The Commons will include a classroom that will serve as a Mac lab when class isn’t in session. Another great thing: the Knowledge Commons will harbor 150 computers for use.  No more running around Pattee and Paterno searching for a computer. There will also be an area where students can plug in their laptops and share information on a common, larger screen.

The Commons has been in the works for about 5 years now, and is set to open up when students return for the spring semester. It will be open Sunday-Thursday, 24 hours a day.

Now if we can survive the sound of jackhammers in the library for the next few months, we just have to wait patiently to see what the Knowledge Commons has in store for us.

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