Don’t Forget Your Underwear

It’s inevitable.  There seem to be those few (important) items that are always forgotten when you travel home for break.  If you are traveling far, it seems so much worse when you realize you have nothing to charge your phone with at night, or no clean underwear to put on the next morning. Hopefully with this list you can make sure that you remember everything this break, and that you don’t find yourself wishing you could teleport yourself back to your apartment or dorm.

  • Underwear. Why do we make sure to pack every single scarf or video game we own, but seem to consistently forget this necessity?
  • Phone/computer/iPod charger. Not being able to communicate with all of your friends over break would be death.
  • Wallet/purse. Stopping along the way to fill up your tank? Hoping to grab a bite to eat with your buddies at home? Not if you haven’t a dime to your name.  Maybe your parents will take mercy on you and throw you a few bucks.
  • Straightener. Getting home and realizing you can’t straighten your hair before you go out? Worst. Feeling. Ever.
  • Shoes. Only have the one pair of Uggs or sneakers you’re wearing? Might not be the best going out footwear, nor will you want to wear them every single day for weeks.
  • A variety of clothes. For some reason when I go home I only bring going out clothes, as if all of the sudden I will stop wearing yoga pants.
  • Pajamas. You have everything you need to shower and get ready to go out shopping, to holiday parties, and to the bar.  Yet you have nothing to wear when you pour yourself into bed that night. Hopefully you’ve become accustomed to sleeping in dresses/jeans. Or naked.
  • Medicine. No matter what type of pills you need to take to get through your days, it’s important to remember you will still need the same pills when you get home.

Now that I have prepared you for the things you always seem to forget, please don’t forget the things you always remember. Have a safe trip home!

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