Crystal Seth: A Fresh Addiction

It’s been a busy week for Seth Goldsmith.

The Penn State student and hip-hop artist known as Crystal Seth has been preparing to release his new mixtape “Left on Freeport” in the midst of classes and exams. “Everyone knows what the Penn State workload is like,” he said. “Regardless of what your major is, it’s not easy.”

That’s a modest statement coming from a student who shot a music video in State College on Saturday, traveled to a studio in Pittsburgh on Sunday, came back to State College for classes on Monday, took an exam on Tuesday, and traveled back to Pittsburgh to put the finishing touches on his mixtape before it dropped today.

His schedule hasn’t always been this busy, but “from this point on it’s going to be consistently this intense,” he said.

Crystal Seth sharpened his rap skills throughout high school and eventually brought them to Penn State Altoona where he released the well received mixtape “Self Portrait” last April.

Now that he’s at University Park with a new mixtape though, the artist isn’t thinking about the past. “Before this, we didn’t have a product we could push as hard as we’re going to be able to push this one,” he said. Even though balancing schoolwork and music can be difficult, Crystal Seth knows the benefits of dropping “Left on Freeport” while attending Penn State. “There are resources everywhere, but you have to learn how to utilize them,” he said.

The artist also said students should download the mixtape “to support” Penn State and “anyone that’s trying to do something they’re passionate about.”

Anthony Smith, a friend/promoter for Crystal Seth, commented on the artist’s passion for making music. “He doesn’t do this because he thinks it’s cool or because other people might think it’s cool,” Smith said. “He makes music because it’s what he likes to do.”

Writer’s Note: “Left on Freeport” is available as a free download. You can listen to it first and download it here.

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