Day: November 4, 2011

Dear <i>College GameDay,</i> Come to Happy Valley

Dear Chris, Kirk, Corso, and Des,

You may not remember me, but we met a few years ago at a little place called Paternoville. I was just a sophomore then, and as the final game of my senior year approaches, I write to ask you a favor. Bring College GameDay to Penn State next week. You won't regret it.

Drunk Fighting: A Retrospective

The first time I got in a fight, I was sleeping on a couch after a night of drinking. Some kid though I looked at his johnson while he was peeing outside, so he dragged me off the couch and punched me three times in the jaw. I didn’t fight back, which is something I’ve always regretted. Since then, I have refrained from fighting, mostly because I’m a glasses-wearer.

Anatomy of the Drunk Fight

You hear a scuffle from across the bar. Loud, incoherent shouts coupled with angry grunts and tumbling bar stools. Sighhhh... yet another drunken buffoon trying to prove his dominance like a male chimpanzee.

Okay, I get it. Males need to prove their dominance because of the structure of our society. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, only the strong shall survive, it’s a man’s world…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Although I believe that these drunken tirades are pointless, I have to admit that they are utterly entertaining.

I’ve noticed that each male fight almost always follows the same dialogue, listed below are some of my favorites.

Come Get Sexy With the Pennharmonics

In the absence of any football entertainment this Saturday, Penn State's premier co-ed a Capella group, The Pennharmonics, have stepped in for a night full of feel-good groovin'.

Weekend Music Junkie: Arts Round-Up

State College music junkies, stop scratching and listen up. This weekend is packed with liver performances to feed your need for a good hit of local music. Check out the full schedule of events after the jump.

It Means I Was Drunk Yesterday: Hangover Advice

Since it's Friday, you're probably hungover. Well friends, if you are able to focus, take a gander at this article and help yourself out.

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