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Day: November 7, 2011

Statement from the Penn State Alumni Association

The Penn State Alumni Association has released a statement on the allegations. Check it out after the jump.

Pres. Spanier Cancels Renaissance Fund Dinner

When President Graham Spanier and his wife Sandra were named the 2011 Renaissance Fund honorees this summer, there's no way the events of this week could have been foreseen.

Lawyer: Failure to Report is “Speeding Ticket”

Lawyers for both deposed Athletic Director Tim Curley and the now-resigned Vice President for Finance and Business have released statements, reiterating their clients' innocence. Caroline Roberto, Curley's attorney, compared the charge of "failure to report" to a speeding ticket, because the two are both summary offenses. She also said that the perjury charge was a "last resort," claming that prosecutors "charge it when they can’t prove the person did anything wrong."

Amidst Sandusky Madness, Students Speak Out

Disgust. Dissapointment. Anger. Sadness. There are an infinite number of adjectives to describe these feelings. Penn State students are disgusted by the Jerry Sandusky situation, and are voicing their displeasure.

The Second Mile Issues Statement on Sandusky

In wake of the scandal invovling its founder Jerry Sandusky, The Second Mile has released a statement, and from the looks of it, Penn State's administration could take some public relations and crisis management lessons from them. Within the statement they encourage anyone with information involving the investigation to come forward while also reminding everyone of their mission statement to help children. The statement can be read in full on their website, but below are some key excerpts.

Penn State: Sandusky Camps Not Affiliated with University

Despite a Deadspin report alleging a connection between the Penn State University Sports Camps and Jerry Sandusky's own Sandusky Associates camp, a representative from the Penn State Sports Camp department says there is no affiliation.

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